Many People 'Believe' God Is Real;
Yet, They Don't Know God.

Get to know God by searching within.

God is all around you and within you.

9 years ago I was given less than 24 hours to live... and that's when I began living with God, rather than fearing the possibility of meeting God after death.

When it comes to religion, things can get really confusing... especially if you were born in one part of the country or world, and someone else was born somewhere else, speaking another language, and exposed to other ideas.

Yet, reverence for God is the point.

When we begin respecting and loving God within -- and all around us -- reality transforms. That which appeared inanimate (or without life) all of the sudden is full of life. The wind blows as a response to your question, prayer or intention. The sun shines a bit brighter when you connect and ask for love and support. A butterfly flies by to confirm that what you are thinking is right...

One thing is true: when we learn 'how' God communicates, we are able to listen to God and communication becomes two-way.

Besides, would you intentionally ignore God if you knew God was attempting to communicate with you?

As of this moment, you now know: God is attempting to communicate with you, directly.

You may have been told to fear God and that you couldn't communicate. You might even pray at night -- or during an emergency -- and speak directly to God.

I guess my question is: are you 'listening' for a response?

Do you know that God might be guiding you, rather than saving you and taking over for you in every moment?

In the same way that a parent gently and gradually steps back to promote independence, God can at times feel missing while watching from the sidelines. However, you can still reach out... you can still ask God for help, direction, or advice...

...and then, through your gifts, you can listen.

"Gifts?" You might be wondering what I mean by that and what gifts you may have...

...and that's kind of the point:

  • to discover your gifts and further develop them...
  • to build a relationship with God and feel it in your heart...
  • to love your life, feel purposed, and understand why you're here...
  • to make peace with life's challenges and find appreciation for them instead...
  • and to step forward into a new way of being, when we stand together by listening to God within and all around us...

It's normal to feel skeptical about something like this. In fact, some of you might even be fearing that what you are reading is in contradiction to your religious beliefs. That's not the point... not at all.

Honor your beliefs. Get to know God. And make both important.

Then, when you feel sharpened in such a way that your communication becomes precise, go ahead and ask God whatever questions you have...

Get answers for yourself.

Look, as a Doctor of Physical Therapy and Kinesiologist, I never imagined I would be writing about these topics...

...what makes me credentialed is that I understand God to have asked me to write this to you...

From a career perspective, I have nothing to win and everything to lose... with a following of over 1.5 million people in health -- whom trust me as a scientist -- this isn't what you might expect me to pour three years of effort into, day and night.

...yet, the calling was and is clear. I hear it in my sleep. I get it through every meditation, and I honor God with every step that I take in life.

I have had to weigh insanity vs truth in writing this text, and I've come to one conclusion: I'm either completely insane and one of the most functional and successful people in society, or God can communicate directly through us (and so these words are real, as a result).

Therefore, it is my human responsibility to share this with you today: God Gifts Love is real.

And my only intention is to serve God through sharing it with you.

I learn from God Gifts Love personally, every time I re-read a chapter or listen to the audiobook. I utilize it as a life resource, and for that matter, my #1.

We all have one leader, and it is God.

And perhaps the best part about life is that we get to know God through exploring our innate gifts; in other words, by honoring, loving, and nurturing the gifts you were given, your relationship with God deepens.

It matters not the color of your skin, your ethnicity, religious background, or beliefs. The ability to get to know God is a gift with which you were born.

Communication with God is not limited by age, and in fact, many times our children can teach us best. Through free-mindedness, play, and creativity, we connect more easily and more lovingly with All That Is.

As I mentioned earlier...

9 Ago (to the hour)
I Was Given 24 Hours To Live...

In fact, as I write this to you, I was under life-threatening surgery. They told me I had an 80% chance of death 'with' surgery, and 100% without; I opted for surgery.

The next days, weeks, and months to follow were rather intense. The full recovery took about 18 months, although there was one specific point along the way when everything changed... it was the 8th time the medical staff told me that I wouldn't wake up the next morning...

I couldn't sleep...

...I had been teaching health around the world, and now I was the one sick and on my deathbed...

I made a promise to God. And then I wrote down a prayer... was the first time that I had prayed in many years... and the first time ever that it felt so real...

I promised to God that if I lived, I would not die with what I know... I promised that I would write it down and share.

For I've been able to help so many people radically transform their lives and health... and if I were given this 'one' chance to raise my (then) 6 month old son.... well, you might be able to imagine how I felt...

Since then, I've released countless health programs and I've shared them as generously and broadly as I know how...

...well, in October 2018, I was called to write God Gifts Love: A Message, A Mantra, A Way Of Life.

...and, as luck would have it, the first copies just started shipping out...

It's complete.

Lots of people talk to God. They pray. And then that's it!

They simply walk away, go to bed, or they are done. And more often than not, people only attempt to communicate with God when life is down, depressed, sad, or scary.

In other words, when people get knocked down lowly enough, they tend to get down on their knees and look up.

They look up and pray, ask for a favor, and wait to see their prayers fulfilled by life. It's more like a wishing well than it is communication with God.

Sincerely, in their hearts, they are asking God for a favor; except, from the opposite perspective, they've ignored all of the advice that led up to this moment.

In truth, God has been communicating with them so loudly through life that they ended up unable to listen until now. It's like they thought life was happening to-them instead of for-them...

If this sounds like you, look up.

Except this time, listen.

Apologize for not listening sooner, and ask for the guidance and ability to be able to hear, see, smell, touch, and taste with God present.

And then read this book...

"Get to know God by getting to know
your greatness within."
GGL Book

To be perfectly clear: the solution to getting to know God is to pay attention and learn to "listen."

"Listening" means paying attention to every way that God can/would communicate. Assume everything is possible and then work backwards from there. Expect a response, not as a test for God, and instead as a conversation.

Yet, there are steps.

And we are most connected with the Almighty when we are living our soul missions.

There are three steps...

  1. Get clear.
  2. Check in.
  3. Do what's asked of you.

It's about that simple. And when you go in this order -- and you know what you're doing -- you are building a relationship with All That Is, or God.

Think about it this way... when you learn to check-in and get clear feedback/responses, here's some of what you might experience:

Easy guidance at first, like which way to turn at a traffic light to make it home more quickly, given that there's an accident... Or more complex guidance as time goes on, helping you navigate life's most challenging situations and face them with courage and conviction...

In time, check-ins are like having real-time feedback from God.

Or at least that's how I understand them to be...

...and that makes me feel immensely grateful.

I look to history and I see examples of others who have felt so 'connected', so to speak... what I don't see is a blueprint as to how to do it...

I don't see evidence of prophets teaching rituals of how they would hear God. I don't see examples of people understanding how one another interprets God in a cross-cultural way, so that we can combine knowledge. And I don't see science and spirituality merging in such a way that accepts truth from both.

So, I guess that made me wonder:

Are we all guided, each in our own way?
Could life be that Divine?

I started operating my life from this perspective, believing that life is happening for-me, and that God is a part of my life and can guide me through both smaller and bigger moments...

And here's what I experienced:

  • At first, this was a bit of a 'secret' that I kept to myself... it felt like an unfair advantage... I felt like I knew everything, except it wasn't me, it was some sort of "guide"...
  • At some point, I considered the possibility that it was a 'higher form' of me, and started to investigate this possibility...
  • Years went by as I developed a relationship with what -- and who -- I learned was all-encompassing, all-powerful, all-creative, and all-loving; timeless, and the source of wisdom.
  • When I thought I had it all figured out, I reached out, because my life was upside down... and things had been so good...
  • I got down on my knees, apologized and reintroduced myself... and I asked for a name...

That's when it all changed. I heard a name.

And rather than share it with you, I want you to know that God has a name and is ready for you to reintroduce yourself.

I recommend you do it in a specific way, as this is what comes through...

  • Get to know the truth.
  • Get super clear and then check in.
  • Listen to God and do as God says.

Learning to check-in is the art of strengthening faith and relationship building, all tied together in one. Checking in means you've learned to listen, and conversations with God are now two-way.

So, this led to the obvious question:

How do I know if I'm just making this stuff up?

Or, in other words, how would I know if I'm hearing my own internal dialogue or possibly even some other spirit?

I had to learn to differentiate between the "Voice" of God vs another voice or even myself.

That's when pairing 'feeling' with 'thought' came into play. When the two are in sync, the information becomes much more reliable.

In time, and with practice, it becomes easy and natural to learn the subtleties between a crystal clear feeling-thought match, and some variant that requires further investigation before taking action.

Yet, through this process, you are acting with faith and building your relationship with God.

Parents do not punish a baby for not understanding when they speak, do they?

The same is true for God.

So long as you make an effort to listen as a child, the parent stays calm and tries another way until they succeed. They are by your side, loving you, supporting you, and teaching you to communicate.

The same is true for God; except, in this case, you are learning a "supernatural" form of communication that, by all appearances, has been hidden from society for quite some time...

I started investigating this unseen world...

I thought back to all of the treatments I had at our Physical Therapy clinic that would wow surgeons and doctors all-around...

I remembered teaching the methods to other Doctors of Physical Therapy through our Master Certification process that we developed...

And I remember that one of the most mind-blowing modules for everyone was the 'Earth Elements' module, when we taught about 'calling in' elements of nature through our imagination and utilizing fire, air, water, and Earth differently...

I remember the potency of teaching this and how it opened up both my eyes and the eyes of our therapists... not to mention our patients when we discussed it with them...

So, I started to remember how powerful it was to combine what we know in science today with the All-Powerful and belief.

You see, belief is a key part of the formula.

Did you know that 40-60% of the time, patients can get the desired effect from medication simply by believing they are taking it, even when it's a water pill and has no medicine in it whatsoever?

This is often quoted in reverse, stating that 40-60% is a "placebo effect", which means that people 'believe' they are taking the medication and they are not.

That's how powerful the mind is.

So, we must first dial in the mind...

...and a clear mind is one that is willing to listen, rather than always speak...

In other words, a clear mind is a mind that can slow down enough to hear what comes through, is thought about, or to analyze and assess.

And once the mind is clear and you can "hear", the next step is to differentiate between the "voices"...

  • Your internal dialogue is one...
  • If you are nearby others (within a 6 foot radius), those are others...
  • And sometimes other spirits also want to offer you advice...

And that's why it's so important that you learn to pair 'voice' (or thought) with 'feeling' (or sensation). When the two match and you know truth from mistruth, you have arrived.

I've now written this way for years and years. My first evidence of truth was when I made the switch and our newsletter following grew from 200,000 to 400,000, and then to 1.5 million people...

I remember being able to pair together thought and feeling, gain perspective and truth, and then predict future events...

At first, this blew my mind... nowadays, it's how I live my life.

Prediction is a part of my life. It's something that I practice, and it's a part of mindfulness.

I've taught this at retreats, in person to others, and through the internet, articles, products and programs.

Time and time again, people are blown away when they first hear a voice, see a sign, or learn to communicate this way...

The difference is life-changing -- and potentially life-saving -- eternally speaking.

After more than 1,000 requests to write a book, dreams, "knowings", and spiritual requests, God Gifts Love is born.

This isn't your average book... I can't even really take credit for writing it, other than doing my best to interpret spiritual feedback.

God Gifts Love is a 218 page book that is
divided into 88 chapters and is written with the
pure intention to glorify the one and only God.

By reading this book, you will be experiencing an unusually healing sensation. You will become educated on truth, and you will learn to sense it for yourself.

You will learn to honor one another and beliefs that each of us has, while building a relationship and getting answers directly from God (before it's too late!).

I encourage you... study the Bible, read the Quran, the Old Testament, learn about Buddhism, Hinduism, New-Ageism, or any other form of spirituality.

No matter what you choose, honor God.

And in doing so, be sure to take the time to reach out, communicate, and see if there's a response...

What will your life be like when you can speak to God and hear, see, smell, taste, touch, or experience God responding to you?

How excited will you be to serve and glorify God when you understand who you are and what you are here to do?

How easy and awesome (relative to now) can your life become because you've stopped fighting your natural journey and instead found the path of least resistance?...

The choice is yours.

The process is simple. Order the book. Start reading. Put what you learn into action.

Ok, so this is where it gets a bit strange...

Ever since I wrote this book, I've had friend after friend 'warn' me about releasing it. They feel there are powers-that-be who would like to remain in power and prevent you from hearing the voice of God or experiencing God in this way.

I disagree.

If it is God's will for you to communicate in this way, then you will be shown how to do so and this book will make it to your doorstep.

You will build a relationship, and you will learn how to honor God in your own way.

Truth be told, I'd suggest you order your copy right now. At this pace, we're going to sell out soon...

...and I don't know if you've ever printed a book before, but it costs tens of thousands of dollars to get it live...

...not to mention advertising costs, fulfillment costs, customer service staff, and the like.

Look, I'm here to help.

And I plan to order the next 1,000 books when these run out.

This being said, current shipment and fulfillment times are slower than usual... it's Covid times.

And since we're pretty much paying for this out of pocket so far to spread the 'Voice of God', we're doing the best we can...

My suggestion is that if you 'think' you might want to read God Gifts Love, order your copy today.

Otherwise, it might take weeks until your shipment arrives.

But don't worry, we'll do our best to get it to you no matter what.

If you recall, I was given 24 hours to live and made a promise that led to this book. I swore to help, and to share what I know. Well, God Gifts Love is what I "didn't know" that I knew about...

It's what God uses me for. It's part of my soul mission, and it's an honor to share it with you.

And I thank God every single day that I get to raise my (now 7 year old) son, along with his little brother (who is now 5!).

I plan to teach others how to connect in this way and co-create their best lives!!

So, please join us now.

Your life will never be the same; always enhanced, always remembering this moment in time. The moment in time when you decided to listen to God and learned how to do so.

Look, if I knew of another resource to teach you in this way, I'd recommend it. In fact, I wouldn't have written God Gifts Love.

The information provided will help you transform your life, as well as your 'relationship' with life.

You will build a deeper relationship with God, and in turn, bring greater meaning to your life.

You will feel and be guided in all that you do.

And you will learn to love one another in a way that perhaps you never knew...

To be honest, if we were a larger operation and could afford to print tens of thousands of copies (or more) at once, we would... and then our cost would go way down.

As it stands now, our costs are high.

So, we've done our best to price match the market, and instead of charging the $39.95 we originally had planned, we've lowered the price to just $21.77.

We are confidant that this will be the best money you may have ever spent.

If you're tired about seeking, struggling, wondering about, or fearing God, please take the time to read God Gifts Love.

It's a message. It's a mantra. And it's a way of life.

One that respects, loves, adores, and communicates with -- and through -- our Creator.

Get your copy of God Gifts Love today!!!
YES!  Send Me God Gifts Love!!!

(just $21.77; no future charges)

Your copy of God Gifts Love will get shipped to you within the next 1-2 days. For immediate access options, please be sure to read the instructions after checkout.

In case it helps, here's a 60 day money-back guarantee:

If for any reason you're not happy with your investment in God Gifts Love, we'll happily take it back anytime within the first 60 days and send you 100% of your money back. The only reason we're doing this is to help you get closer with God.

Go ahead. Take a moment. Pause and pray.

Take notice of what you feel. Is it light or heavy?

Does it seem like a great choice to invest in God Gifts Love? Or does it somehow seem to strike a chord?

Whatever you choose, do what's right for you. And know this, I honor God and God honors you.

In the event that you do feel you can learn from God Gifts Love, please click the link below. We'll send you your copy right away:

YES! Send Me God Gifts Love!!!

(just $21.77; no future charges)

The way I see it, you can continue wondering about God, or you can get to know God.

Ever since I knew that God wanted to get a hold of me, this has been #1.

I've made God the priority, and my life only gets better and better.

I've seen others who have chosen not to listen, and they continue to struggle and fight Universal resistance...

I know there's an easier -- and more aligned -- way for them, too.

And I only hope they find out in time.

Please, get your copy of God Gifts Love today. And get one for everyone you know!!

YES! Send Me God Gifts Love!!!

(just $21.77; no future charges)

Thank you so much for spending this time with me today. And I sure hope that this letter has helped you feel more inspired.

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